Juicy Math: Addition and Subtraction$1.99

Juicy Math: Addition and SubtractionJuicy Math: Addition and SubtractionJuicy Math: Addition and SubtractionJuicy Math: Addition and SubtractionJuicy Math: Addition and Subtraction

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"Juicy Math is a great way for those starting to learn basic math facts to practice." - Nicole, www.iheartthisapp.com


  • Retina iPad support!
  • Three game modes: Addition, Subtraction, and Mix with additions and subtractions tasks generated randomly!

This app is designed to help babies understand the basic ideas of addition and subtraction. All animations and highlights on the game are specially designed to show the mathematics principles.

Numbers and pictures are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Depending on children age the game could be played by first touching every fruit to count them, or just by putting the results card on its placeholder.

Important feature for parents – you can check overall game progress on the statistics screen from the main menu, so you can always track and monitor how your baby is doing.


Press contact

Artem Teslenko (artem.teslenko@popappfactory.com)


The guys over at Popapp Factory developed the app and it looks colorful, just the way kids want.


Having said this, Juicy Math is a nice choice to aid children in visualizing addition and subtraction. I can see this app be useful at home, school, and in a home schooling setting.


The fruit-by-fruit counting animations in JUICY MATH give preschoolers a concrete way of understanding the relationship between counting items and addition and subtraction problems. There's nothing too complex here, but in a math app intended for younger learners, simple is often better.


Juicy Math is an excellent app for teaching your children their basic math skills. The UI is simple and colorful which makes it great for the younger set.


The overall look and feel of this app is pleasing, and certainly provide the little bit of sugar to make the medicine go down.


Juicy Math by PopAppFactory is a bright, fruity way to help preschoolers learn math!