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This game will learn your kid about numbers, numbers order, multiplication and subtraction through interaction with engaging funny aliens and every day objects.

6 different mini-games inside!

  • Numbers introduction – from 1 to 10;
  • Numbers order – place numbers in correct order;
  • Interactive counting – lots of amazing pictures with objects to count;
  • Plus one and minus one – learn base math principle before baby start learn addition and subtraction;
  • Interactive addition - easy and dynamic mini-game with addition;
  • Interactive subtraction - easy and dynamic mini-game with subtraction.

Enjoy remarkable animation and ideas, which we specially create for your baby fast early development.


  • Includes amazing New iPad Retina graphics!
  • Beautiful HD illustrations and a rich narrative on every page!
  • Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on each page!
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    Artem Teslenko (

    Mathlandia is an excellent math app that appeals to juniors 1-6 years old. Its cute alien theme has proven to be effective in drawing the interests of my juniors. As a parent, I'm glad that I have found this app, and I would recommend it to anyone whose juniors are starting to learn basic math concepts.

    Math may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is important to get young kids started with it early on to build a more solid foundation for their future. Thankfully, devices such as the iPad make the learning process easier and more fun. Mathlandia is one of many apps you can pick up to teach your kid about numbers, orders, and basic operations.

    With amaz­ing graph­ics, clear sound and rich nar­ra­tion, Math­landia is a must-have down­load for your kid.

    A step-by-step early math learning app with beautiful graphics and funny looking alien characters

    Why we like this app?
    Train math skills while immersed in outstanding artwork. Every screen is a masterpiece. Mandatory!

    Math is an important skill to develop, and this app helps children learn the basics of numbers and mathematics so they start at a young age. It will help your kids learn their numbers 1 through 10, order them correctly, count, in addition to learning simple addition and subtraction.