Mini-U: The Farm$1.99

Mini-U: The FarmMini-U: The FarmMini-U: The FarmMini-U: The FarmMini-U: The Farm


This is amazing magnetic Farm Puzzle contains more than 90 pieces to create you own picture.

This puzzle is a great educational tool for your child. This game will fascinate young players and help them improve dexterity, color recognition, memory, imagination and creativity, all while having fun.

The game has a number of backgrounds and also allow to use own picture as background.

Parents can play along with their children, and game includes the following features:

  • Ability to create and then re-do own pictures from the Gallery;
  • Share your pictures with your friends and the community via Gallery;
  • Browse hundreds of new tangrams every day in the Gallery;
  • No rules, stress or time limits – enjoy it as you like.


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