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Mini-U: RiddlesMini-U: RiddlesMini-U: RiddlesMini-U: RiddlesMini-U: Riddles


— What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs? What gets wetter as it dries? What has to be broken before you can use it?

Find out the answers to these and 50 more riddles from the new app «Riddles» for both iPhone and iPad.

Listen to the riddle and try to guess the answer, then scrub the magic window to see the answer.

Riddles will be a great brain bending twist for your kid that will involve playing with words and their meanings. Since ancient times riddles were used as a cunning tool, to demonstrate wit and wisdom. Now our Riddles will be an amusing aid to keep your kid’s mind working. Moreover, the solutions to many of the riddles involve the language of logic and require precision.

Play on and enjoy laughing at all our funny riddles for kids! And let the Riddles to riddle you for years to come ;)

Our Riddles’ features:

  • 50 amusing classic riddles;
  • Sort easy-to-learn rhymes;
  • Fine minimalistic graphics in perfect style, scrumptious/beautiful fonts;
  • Pleasant relaxing music, possibility to turn of voicing the riddles and answers;
  • Ability to purchase 80 more riddles/In-app purchase of 80 more riddles for $0.99;
  • Compatible with both iPhone and iPad.


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