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MosaicHD – easy-to-learn game for children with intuitive design and graphics. Available now on the iTunes AppStore for just $1.99.

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Artem Teslenko ( — Test du JT des applis: Mosaic HD

Mosaic HD is an excellent learning app for training to observe and copy while drawing. Learning to observe is an important step on learning how to draw. On this app, the observation is taking from the very basic steps, flat drawings, simple colors made out of pins. Observe the little drawing and recreate it on the big board.
The app is extremely well produced. Clean interface carefully put together. Certainly good to have on board of your iPad.

MosaicHD is a great app that both juniors and parents can enjoy. Whether you are two or twenty, six or sixty; it is easy to immerse yourself in the app. I think that this is an app that you'll be using for a long time, so it has a great value. Definitely recommended.

MosaicHD is more toy than app and a must-have for parents looking for intelligent, original, guilt-free screen-time for their little learners.