Mini-U: ZOO Abracadabra$1.99

Mini-U: ZOO AbracadabraMini-U: ZOO AbracadabraMini-U: ZOO AbracadabraMini-U: ZOO AbracadabraMini-U: ZOO Abracadabra

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And what do we have here - an odd, marvellous something with ten feet and ten horns? Perhaps it is toothy Doodley-Boo? Not at all, it is a pyramid of cheerful animals, birds and insects hiding behind a weird shadow that looks nothing like any living creature. But little observers will easily guess who is engaged in acrobatic performance involving animals, and their shadows. And finally the curtains falls down to reveal a tortoise balancing on a moose and the pelican holding a mouse in its beak.

Simple and amusing game teaches kids to match images and their shadow figures and allows parents to discuss with children night “monsters” which turn out to be just a lamp resting on the chair or a heap of things on a hanger.


  • Three game levels for younger and older kids - from three to five animals in the pyramid;
  • Over 70 fabulous portraits of animals, birds, fish and insects;
  • 160 colorful levels, each with their own unique animal combination;
  • Delicious colours, quality graphics;
  • Soft tunes or mute mode;
  • No stress or time limits – play any way your kids want to!
  • Kid friendly interface!


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En bref, Mini-U Zoo Abracadabra est une jolie petite appli comme on les aime: simple, jolie et pas bête. Elle est conçue pour fonctionner dans n’importe quelle langue vu qu’il n’y a ni narration, ni texte écrit. Elle invite l’échange et le jeu à plusieurs.