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We are creating iPad apps for children which leverage education through digital play.
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  • Interactive alphabet available in 12 languages
  • Starting from learning the numbers and counting and going to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Super-set of games created specifically to encourage creative development
  • develop rational and logic
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Children are learning by playing. We believe that digital devices are perfect tools to engage children to lear faster, enhance the educational experience and have great fun. In all the apps we created we put our passion for visual perfection and creative learning, adding on top of that incredible insights from our main customer - KIDS.

Mini U: Best selection of our games

best free game selection for children 2-7 years old
This app includes 9 free educational games from the best children games development company. Only HD quality. It is perfect opportunity to try playing 9 different amazing games for free!

In this pack you will find:
  • 2 numbers and letters learning and math games
  • 3 games with numbers (intro to numbers, addition/subtraction and multiplication/division)
  • 1 memory game
  • 1 tangram game
  • 1 peek-a-boo game
  • 1 creativity development game
  • 3 math games
Our creative happiness in numbers
The best way to create great products is to be passionate about customers - parents and children!
international awards - App of The Year by Apple, NAPPA, Digital EHON
kids educational games titles released
1 720 000
games downloads
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Call For the Teachers: Improve your teaching experience!
If you are a teacher for the primary school children and would like to receive a free codes for your institutions or your children, please let us know. We are supporting digitalization of education in many locations worldwide and will be happy to help you.

Charmed by PopAppFactory

colors, patterns, shapes matching game for children
This is a story about forest creatures that have been charmed by magical forces, and now the player's task is to bring the light back on them. In the game, the player solves logical puzzles. Puzzle mechanics is based on connecting dots and tracing lines between them in the right way in one single uninterrupted motion.Players are not allowed to step back or take a pause once they begin solving a puzzle.

We have been Inspired by the work of Edward Gorey, Czech and Hungarian illustrators of children's books of horror stories, and Eulerian graphs. We set out to create an atmospheric adventure puzzle of magic, good and evil.
Make magic things happen
How to create the best experience for children? Just by become one of them! We are getting our biggest inspiration from our most important customers - children. You just need to be a child yourself - open to play and learn everything new and not being afraid of mistakes!

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