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Incredible collection of free versions of our children iPad games - education through play and learning, creativity development and critical thinking for kids
enjoy very different games with one goal - help you child to learn through play
What you'll get
This app includes 9 free educational games selected only from our bestsellers. It is perfect opportunity to try playing these different amazing games for free and select something to buy!
1- Logic
Learn letter in a matching pair game mechanics. In the full Logic is a 5-in-1 game you will find activities allowing you to help your child expand their comprehension, judgment and decision-making. It includes 5 main games: Colors, Numbers, Letters, Pictures and Figures.
2- Tangrams
The game has a number of templates with pictures, based on a grid, and a bank of figures which are used to complete the tangram picture. And you can play together with your child!
3- Mosaic
The game has a number of small and big cards, or "boards" with patterns based on a grid, and a bank of pins which are used to complete the board. The patterns are made of colored circles, and the object is to place identically-colored "pins" from the bank on those circles by touching the pin of the correct color and then touching the grid location where they want it. It requires very simple motor skills, yet engages the mind and the brain in several ways.
4- Logic Advanced
An ideal app for early pre-school childhood learning. It helps to make basic learning of numbers, count, multiplication and geometrical figures easy. Logic is a 4-in-1 game of inter-related activities allowing you to help your child train math skills and gain knowledge of main geometrical shapes.
5 - Peekaboo
Peekaboo! Guess Who? Play in our hide-and-seek game in the real Universe! 10 beautifully illustrated planets: Fairy, Candy, Techno, Mushrooms, Skeletons, Underwater, Fluffy, Circus, Island, and Moon.
6- Mathlandia
This game is recommended as first math app for babies from age of 1 and up.
This game will help your kid to learn numbers, numbers order, multiplication and subtraction through interaction with engaging funny aliens and everyday objects.
The game of Memoria is a great educational tool for your child. It is centered on matching cards with pictures of animals. This game encourages and helps kids to develop memory and with visual judgment. In addition to the wide range of pre-installed cards, you can make cards from your iPad's photo library through a unique and ingenious built-in feature that allows you to select pictures, crop and rotate them, and bring them into the game as cards.

8 - Juicy Math Addition and Subtraction
Three game modes: Addition, Subtraction, and Mix with additions and subtractions tasks generated randomly! This app is designed to help kids understand the basic ideas of addition and subtraction. All animations and highlights on the game are specially designed to show the mathematics principles.
9- Juicy Math Multiplication and Division
Your child will learn here the multiplication and division principles. This game will fascinate players from 4 till 10, and help them develop math skills, all while having fun! Three game modes: Multiplication, Division, and Quiz for learning times table in practice.