affordable luxury сlothes for conscious people
Why select between price and quality?
The basic concept of HoiMooi platform is to combine affordable prices and quality of private manufacturers.
Ready for the vacation?
We are specifically selected for you beachwear and accessories from non-mass market authentic brands to make your beach-style unforgettable
Polish brand for perfect swimwear created by Ewa.
In 2015 she decided to find a balance between a nice design and a female figure and a way to feel great on the beach. She have always looked with sentiment in the past.
Bodymaps swimsuits are a combination of feminine cuts, original colors and details referring to the 50s, 60s and 70s. Each of these periods is a completely different approach to femininity, sexuality, life and each of them is a bottomless bottom when it comes to inspiration.
Eva cares about the selection of great, modern fabrics and beautiful finishes. Bodymaps import fabric from the top Italian manufacturers.
Espadrilles made in France! In Mauléon, the capital of Soule in Basque Country, company founder Olivier attended in 2015 the Megam espadrilles workshop, a small traditional factory that has existed for 3 generations, now run by Mr Marzat Armand. It is in this craft workshop that he decides to have his espadrilles made. Following this collaboration, he created his own brand "Payote" in March 2016. Slogan of the brand "Put France on your feet" is a nice nod to the 100% French manufacturing of Peyote espadrilles. .

The Life Juice
Portuguese contemporary luxury lifestyle brand inspired by the relaxed cut and style of men's pyjamas created by Isabel Costa. She wanted to wear something that could take her from a meeting to a dinner and even a party, just adding different accessories. She love this way of dressing as it simplifies her travelling needs too! Designed for a woman with a fearless approach to style, you own it and do with it what you will.
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Meet the founders
We are Marie and Lena and we decided to combine our experience in fashion and create incredible collection of clothes created by privately owned companies all around the world in one place. So the people will have real alternative to mass-market brands and support local producers.
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