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The Bathroom by PopAppFactory

Children are learning by exploring, and today we offer them to see how incredible could be your Bathroom to explore in our iPad game!

you have been invited to play in 6 amazing mini games in one!
What you'll get
Mini-U: The Bathroom is a new educational game for kids from Mini-U game series. Learn all about purity and hygiene, while playing in 6 exciting mini games! Learn how to clean the dirty bathroom, brush your teeth properly, wash clothes, pop the bubbles of different colors, solve quests, and draw pictures on the mirror!
Magic washer
Wash and mix clothes! It's that simple! Creativity + Fantasy
Bathtub hockey
Dirt is everywhere! Use a soap to fight against the dirt and save a clean bathtub! Reaction +
Mirror painting
Draw your first masterpiece on the mirror with the help of water drops! Creativity + Motor skills
Cleaning quest
Help Brush to find the exit from the labyrinth and clean the room floor! Critical thinking + Logic
Teeth mission
Brush, Floss, and Clean teeth! Learn how to brush your teeth properly with given various dental tools! Education + Hygiene
Bubbles pop
Pop the bubbles! Learn different colors and numbers! Have fun! Basic Math + Reaction
The Bathroom
Play and have fun
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