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The Kitchen by PopAppFactory

funny, cool, creative, educational "6 in 1" - mini-games collection to play in iPad together with your kid

Explore your kitchen with cute heroes of a new and amusing educational iPad game for kids with 6 mini games in it!
What you'll get
Everyday your child learns something new and in our game we selected the funniest activities that can be played at imaginary kitchen:
Breakfast composer
In "Breakfast Composer" you're suggested to find hidden breakfast components (oh, it isn't that easy!) among numerous objects. Tap on the item as soon as you find it. You can use a hint if needed. Observability + attention!
Fridge operator
In "Fridge Operator" you'll get acquainted with a cute and handsome fridge. You'll need to fill it with products according to the shadows you see. But be cautious not to be confused by other stuff of the same form and size. Drag attentively! Attention + Hands mechanics
Cocktail Maker
In "Cocktail Maker" you'll make cool cocktails by mixing different fruits. Here you'll be suggested to make a cocktail of a particular color, so maybe you'd need some practice before you're able to mix the right fruits and veggies. Pick the two from the table and push "Start" button on a mixer. Enjoy your cocktails! Lean colors combination + Critical thinking
Italian Chef
In "Italian Chef" you'll guess the relevant macaroni and drag it to its shadow. As soon as you're ready with the task you'll be suggested to color them according to the pattern that will appear in front.Hands motor skills + creativity
Morning tunes
In "Morning Tunes" you'll be able to create unbelievable morning melodies by means of versatile kitchenware. Just tap on elements you like to make a unique tune. Switch off those you don't need any more. Music + Creativity
Product Sorter
In "Product Sorter" you'll pick out edible and inedible stuff swiping it as it is falling out of the product bag to one of the cuties. Reaction + Object recognition.